What if we connected an infinite number of idle spaces with a massive network of amazing people? 


8spaces aims to change the way the world works by democratising access to amazing places to work from. We connect idle spaces to people who are moving fast and building things - people who need flexible, affordable and inspiring workplace solutions to create the things they love.

 Anyone can list a space - office, room, desk - you name it. And anyone can book a space. It's just that simple and awesome.


Great People Attract Great People

Senior Developer

Do you want to change the way the world works by building the ‘Airbnb of Workspaces’ in a secret location, be part of an amazing workplace culture and travel often to hackathons in amazing locations with the team?

Would you like to lead an elite team of hackers who will create this intuitively-mind-reading, customer-loving and profit-generating machine?

If you have a love for disruptive technologies and a burning passion to improve the world with the tools & skills you have, you just might be the chosen one we’ve been searching for…



  • RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY... Ohhh ohh ooooh

  • Leadership skills to lead your own team

  • Obsessed about product development

  • Proficient in UI/UX

  • Willingness to join as a tech partner


If growing everyday is the only status-quo which interests you, it's very likely you're a honeybadger. This means you’re always in a state of perpetual motion - you can’t stop and won’t stop moving, growing and learning. We promise you'll never get bored - even after we've completed our crazy mission of meeting and partnering up with the most awesome, creative & inspiring workspaces in South East Asia. You’ll also be tasked with making sure our customers have the best experience possible using our platform and growing our network of users and partners across the region.

If you love fast-growth, big visions and amazing teammates, this might be the gig which works as much for you as you do for it…



  • Business Development (you can hustle)

  • Data Management

  • Customer Service

  • Great observational and analytical skills

  • Willing to do whatever it takes to complete the mission


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Every week, a new space.


We care about spaces like a foodie would care about the latest restaurant or pop-up cafe. We're space lovers and we're traveling around towns in KL, Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore to find the hidden gems you'd love to work from. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? You bet it is!

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