8spaces: Here's Why We're Doing This.

May 18th, Monday

Great companies start from an unpretentious idea and grow for the fun of it. Founders are fully engaged in doing what they want to do for testing, for failure, but most of all because there couldn’t be any other way of anything existing if they never tried.

I hope 8spaces be one of those. An ever-growing project. An always changing, constantly improving mock-up which is inspired by this infinite vision which sets us higher and higher standards for continuous growth.

We’re on a mission to change the way workspaces work. From the obsolete rules of real estate to the impact of interior design in people’s lives, impacting on productivity, health and collaboration.

Now, that may sound pretentious. But we’re on to it for the vision, as well as for the fun of seeing if it will work.

Actually - we’re doing it because we care about better people building better things. We want to inspire the creative potential in every person.  

Everyone has potential to create and by doing so, we’re more likely to provide new solutions to the world: a product that people love, which will generate more happiness - and jobs.

Seriously. That can’t go wrong.

Thing is: space and context matters.

Most likely, you’d be inspired to write and create new things from an office by the rice paddy fields in Bali, surrounded by volcanos and warm weather, and you’d also feel like hitting that next sale while sitting by a noisy window in Hong Kong, facing the traffic moving fast and forward.

The space you work from can set the tone for more collaboration, creativity or productivity.

If, through our platform, you find a space to become better at what you do, while filling it with life, creativity and productivity, we’re done. Mission accomplished.

This blog is where we share with you our thoughts and inspirations - why we’re doing this and, also, we hope this helps us not to forget what truly matters, through the hardships we’ll face - which we can already expect from knowing what it takes to build a startup.

Here 3 core reasons why we’re starting 8spaces.

1. Build a Model that Makes the Existing One Obsolete

Rephrasing Bucky Fuller’s quote.

Workplace has changed along with mobility and connectivity. But the real estate industry hasn’t - yet. The digital, sharing, internet-speed economy has already changed the outlook of spaces: coworking spaces emerged like mushrooms throughout the world. Businesses like WeWork are wanted. Airbnb is the cutest chick in the club.

It’s time for us to think twice before signing a 2-5 year tenancy contract - just because for now there’s no other option. But have you ever thought of crowdsourcing an awesome office space with amazing people - rather than renting it on your own before giving it full usage?

Or why not renting out those empty slots and open your space for serendipity - meeting potential hires, partners or service providers (freelancers, geeks, etc).

The world has changed. It’s time the workplace shapes up.

2. We Gotta Shape Up.

Workplaces filled with green can make you feel refreshed, high ceilings make you creative, wide open spaces inspire you to flow and collaborate. There’s a science behind it: interior designers and architects now can have a word on collaboration and productivity.

As people become more conscious that design matters, corporations started to abolish the cubicle and look for wide open, creative, alternative spaces to spark passion and innovation in their employees.    

In a free market, there will be no space for cubicles.                                

3. The Space Between

Today, a company starts and grows from 3 to 30 people within a month, while another may pivot and shrink from 100 to 50. Freelancers, so-called digital nomads and small teams are populating coffee shops.

Old structures are fighting against a widely connected, fast changing, mobile world, where personal growth, collaboration and innovation matter above everything.

We’re getting started.

Hope you’re excited too. Expect to hear more from us :)