Bon voyage! How to Throw a Dauntless Goodbye Party?

Saying goodbye is never easy whether your friends, colleagues, or family move to a new city, take up an exciting job, or start a new chapter. It is always gonna be bittersweet moments. But at the same time, for taking this big leap of their life, you're so proud of them that you want to throw them a one last hurrah. The best way to personally say goodbye (without many tears) and celebrate this new adventure is to host a farewell party which they won’t forget!

The clock is ticking, so as your friend packs up for the move, you can start to plan for the party. Yup, I get it, a last minute event might give you a heart attack. Don’t fret! Here’s the #TipsandTricks to go breeze while preparing for a party in a flash of time.

Pick the Perfect Time and Place

Fauxspace, Bangsar

Fauxspace, Bangsar

You probably won't have much time to lock a venue at the expected date. Chances are restaurants or bars for the easiest and safest way to hold a party. You would have to call the restaurant to book a table. It will still be fun and people can easily come and go, but won’t you think it is a bit cliche? Plus, you’re sharing the space with other strangers making it less fun that you’re expecting it to be. Maybe, this time around, opt for a private party where everyone will enjoy it. 

Since you got less time to find a proper place, you may seamlessly book the space online from the available event spaces booking platform. After all, consider your guests when choosing the date and time of the party. If you plan to hold it on a weekday, your guests will need to have plenty of time to get there after work. And if your host is on weekends, then you have to send your invitations as quickly as possible to ensure that the dates are saved. So that everyone is around and you guys will have a seizable moment throughout the event. 

Send Out Invitations

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Now that you have found your best spot, you can start to predict how many guests that can best fit with the size of the location. Invite people ahead of time so that most people can attend. Think about whom the guest that you would want at the party when sending out invitations. Consider your budget and maintain the guest list intimate or smaller if you have a lower budget or, if you notice that your guests do not want a big game. 

Social media is an excellent way to invite people and talk about the party's details. On Facebook, you can create an event. Also, create an event with physical invitations for social media as it can be used as part of a farewell gift or memory board.

Spice It Up with a Theme

I suggest incorporating an appropriate theme into your party if you truly want to spice up the moment. Typically, themes show the next part of the person's journey and celebrate your time together. The finest farewell party will usually revolve around a unique theme to honor your guests. Remember, this should be the one that nobody will never forget. Perhaps those things that reminds your old memories with them while they were around. From a farewell banner to framed pictures, you can make your farewell party a memorable experience in so many ways. 

Ask Contributions For a Gift


You should get something for the honorable guest to remember the moment. A sentimental gift is an excellent way to send them off with enduring happy memories. Ask the people who are present to contribute in so many ways. You can inform the guests that you plan to get or make something for the honored guest. Provide alternative pitch-in options as well. If you are not just asking for cash, consider asking people for decoration, arrangements, making or bringing food, or any others. Let them know that you'd be grateful for any contributions to throw the best bon voyage party ever!

Prepare a Short Speech


This could be your very last moment seeing each other in person. Then, why not share some laugh-out-loud speech mentioning a few funny highlights from the past few years that maybe no one else knew it before, making it even more the merrier! Obviously, at some moment of the celebration it doesn't hurt to say a few words. Let them know how much your relationship means (and still implies) to you and toast to an interesting new undertaking in a new place!

While a goodbye party planning can be stressful, from planning, inviting, setting up, and honoring your guest, there's a lot to be done. But with the aid of an event spaces online platform, you are now one step ahead! After all, everyone will be thankful for making the going away party at its best! It is a wonderful gesture for a cherished friend or relative who is leaving a great way to thank those who support while you're together. Wherever you go, the memories of a farewell party are sure to remain in your mind as you continue your journey throughout your life.