First. Tick All Bullet Points Below if “YES”

  • I love bringing people together

  • I’d have fun hosting events for it

  • I want to create serendipitous* meetings in my life and in others’.
the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Good with all bullet points? To “yes”, keep reading.

Why “Let’s Meetup and #GetShitDone”?

First, technology gave us the freedom to work from anywhere and still get amazing things done.  So many movements started popping up - from home office to cafe hunters, with each time more spaces powered with wifi and plug points.

The future of work is one where people can choose to be employed or follow their own path - digital, mobile, connected.

But we missed something: being surrounded by kickass people who level us up.

Simply bouncing ideas over coffee, or serendipitously meeting someone with whom we’d become friends can change the way we build things for better.

What if -  we can make those serendipitous connections, whilst keeping our freedom?


What is a #GSD session about

It’s goes like: we meetup and get shit done. The end.

This event is engineered to be simple, in order to allow anyone to host it.

The principle of it is of surrounding yourself with people who inspire you to get shit done.


How to host a #GSD session

Choose a Space.

Could be a coworking space, office or cafe, but it must fit criteria as listed in here. Also, you MUST count on the agreement of the space owner and host. You need to make sure the space would fit well the number of people you’re willing to bring inside.

Create an Event

As this is an event powered by 8spaces, we provide all support and materials, platforms and branding for this - but mostly, we would suggest to promote it through Facebook (following the example)

Invite People and Make it happen

Find copy used for invitation and event details below.

What is the Agenda?

Event usually runs for 5 hours, divided in the following example:

  • 2:00 to 3:00pm: Arrival and Informal Get Together.

People will arrive and want to greet each other - it’s our purpose that they meet each other, but we don’t want it happening once the event started, so we put coffee, tea and light snacks together at the start to motivate them getting there on time and talking before working.


  • 3:00 to 6:00pm: Get Shit Done.

We keep 3 solid hours of work, which is enough for some people who need to edit some video, finish the copywriting for something, designing a landing page, etc. We really want people to get something concrete done that day! And time should be sufficient.

  • Note on Team Meetings: we do encourage teams to come, but we let them know there is a “quiet zone” where the majority of participants is getting their shit done and advise meetings or brainstorming to take place in another section.


  • 6:00 to 7:00pm: Let’s Eat Together.

From ancient times, eating together is one of the most traditional bonding activities in the world - and after long hours of getting shit done, hope we are all proud to talk about what we accomplished, get to know each other better and allow serendipity in our lives.


What do I need to prepare?

Just get the space ready. Just make sure wifi will be good enough to support the number of people coming in, as well that there are enough plug points and basic survival items for everybody: water being the most important one.

Other things that you can offer as a host will add up to the user experience: tea, coffee, snacks, chocolate, etc.


Should I charge?

We advise you start hosting it as a free thing at first, but we do advise you start charging as from the third one - or even as from the second, if you have traction.

Charging the amount of 2 decent meals (something between 5 and 10USD) will allow you to:

1. Offer a better experience to attendees

2. Filter out people who are not valuing the experience

3. Pay the space, if any costs involved

Most of the spaces are happy to receive it for free, but you must be transparent regarding the fact you are charging to get people serious about it and most revenue goes back to the event.


Can I get sponsors for it?

Yes.  Normally sponsors want to offer goodies, or even pay for food, or even cover a whole bunch of events over time - and it is fully advised you get people who can help you offering a better experience.

Nice! I wanna host one. Where do I start?

Just fill in this form and we will contact you soon.

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