Sekeping Jugra

Sekeping Jugra has a versatile approach that focuses on the well-being of both planet earth and anyone's that renting the place. If you're looking for a constructive team building activities, secluded from the convenience of malls and coffees shops the Jugra offers just that. Getting back to your roots, you'll be able to harvest your own food from their Garden in the rooftop as well as take a walk down the roads in your flip flops enjoying the silent breeze.

Simplicity and serenity are what Jugra highlights. A short time in there can definitely change your team's direction to a more productive route.

Ideal for: Trainings | Creative Brainstorming | Offsite Meetings | Gatherings | Product Launches | Art exhibitions


Theatre: 20 Pax

Room + Garden: 60 Pax


WiFi | Coffee & Tea | Water | Swimming Pool | Air Conditioning Water Boiler | Fridge | Gas Stove | Chairs (x20)
 Cutlery (x20) | Glassware (x20) | Toaster Oven

Opening hours

Everyday 9AM - 6PM | Upon Availability


RM1500/Half-Day | RM2,800/Day